Thursday, September 4, 2014

Fractions and Estimation

The students had to determine whether a fraction was closest to 0, ½, or 1 whole.  They first had to illustrate the fraction, then estimate based on what they drew.

Here are the artifacts we created:

For the circle, we identified ⅝.  Then identified ½.  They were then supposed to see how close ⅝ was to 0, ½, or 1 whole of the circle shaded.


We repeated with rectangles.  This was a lot easier than trying to divide up circles.


Using counters was very difficult of the students.  Seeing as though, this was the first time doing this, we will review some more.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Help Robert R. Gray Earn Money

Our school participates in two different programs in which we can earn money.  Both of which, I am the Teacher Sponsor.

Box Tops for Education

Look for this on participating products like Old El Paso, Zip Loc, General Mills, Land O Lakes, and others.  Cut them out and send them to school.  Have your child give them to me.

Giant A+ Bonus Bucks Program

All you have to do is designate our school, Robert R. Gray Elementary (#04241) and shop at any Giant Food Store.  The participating products vary from week to week.  We will get a portion of what you buy.  It's that easy.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Class Dojo

This website site is a Classroom Management web based tool.

The students will receive points for positive behaviors and lose points for negative behaviors.  Incentives will be decided later for point goals reached.

Positive Behaviors:  
On Task
Turning in Homework on Time (+2 Points)
Being Prepared
Entering Room Quietly (+2 Points)
Following Directions
Following Directions the First Time (+2 Points)
Working Hard
Helping Others

Negative Behaviors
Chewing Gum/Eating Candy (-2 Points)
Off Task
Out of Seat
Calling Out
Leaving Belongings in Desk (when changing classes) (-2 Points)
No Homework
Not Following Directions

Behaviors are subject to change.

You will need an individual parent code to track your child's behavior.  They will be sent home.  If at anytime you forget or misplace your code, feel free to contact me.  You can also chose whether or not you'd like to receive updates weekly.

If you have signed up in previous years, you wouldn't need to create a new account at Class Dojo.  You will only need to enter the new code.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Science Book

The Science Textbook is also online.


You will need to enter a web code.  That code depends on which of the six textbooks we are using.

Web Codes:
The Nature of Science and Technology ~ cae-0627
Electricity and Magnetism ~ cae-0625
Sound and Light ~ cae-0626
Inside the Earth ~ cae-0617
Environmental Science ~ cae-0616
Animals ~ cae-0613